Monday, October 29, 2007

big babies

...of the 9 pigeons outside in the aviary, there are 4 that really don't think that they should a)be outside, b)be forced to eat on their own or c)do without a daily cuddle. And they are all hulking great birds already. When I put food down today, I ended up with one stuck between my toes, and three sitting on my head and shoulders while they shoved their beaks into every orifice they could find. Tried explaining to them that they couldn't be released until they stopped behaving like babies, but the explanation was cut short when one tried to put his entire head into my mouth. Gross.

And then it was off to the dentist for a checkup, where I was the big baby, and made ouch noises until he rolled his eyeballs and gave me gas. Which of course, was exactly why I was whining to begin with. I just love the stuff. I figure that he only gives me the absolute minimum, and not very often, and it's about the only nice drug that I ever get...heck, I just like feeling stoned! Only down side is that it makes me feel distinctly cuddly, especially seeing as he reminds me so much anyway of last b/f. When one starts perving at one's 63-year old grandfather of 5 dentist, it's obviously a sign that celibacy doesn't suit one. I knew that already actually..

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Aqua said...

This post made me laugh out loud...all those baby birds via for you attention and then you vying for grandpa's attn...(sorry couldn't help but see the parallels)...hee, hee. You are a witty writer. Thanks for sharing.