Monday, October 8, 2007

three good things

tdoc is back from honeymoon and I get to see her tomorrow

I stuck to the no vodka decision, even if I didn't get to gym (I didn't actually have time, between bird calls)

I collected a really sweet bird this morning. He's a fledgling Pied Crow, who was found sitting alone in the middle of the road, and when I fetched him, he made it very clear that he hadn't been given breakfast. Took him to the centre, where he made such a noise in the clinic that the receptionist came running to see what was wrong, so took him to the kitchen where he ate 90% of a cut up dead chick before burping (no...not really) and settling down on my arm. Went back to the clinic to process him, and showed him to the boss. She looked at him, thought about it, and said she was going to hack him out away from the centre 'before he turns into a great big cuddly chicken'. Then she looks at him again, and at me, and says 'if its not too late for that already' - I looked down, and he was leaning against my chest with his eyes closed, fast asleep in a very uncrow-like way. Yep...cuddly chicken.

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