Monday, November 12, 2007


through to the centre again to fetch another two mynahs..... Another two. For a total of seven now, although one is a bit weaker than I'd like. And as I was collecting them, eleven feral pigeons arrived. A building that is being renovated, and the builders were seen throwing the babies off the tenth floor. Some people are really not worth keeping. The rest of the errands were fetching 3 hedgehogs of about two days old and delivering them to their new mum, and collecting a baby robin. Half the babies went with me, and in between trips out, I rushed home to feed the rest. Didn't get round to taking pics of anyone, because in between feeds I was collapsing on the couch until the next summons. And tomorrow is t-doc, performance appraisal at the paying job and the dentist. Haha, being out for 4 hours in the morning means that 21 birds will have to go to work with me. Should give my boss an idea of priorities.....

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