Sunday, November 11, 2007

too sweet

back through to the centre again today to fetch another two Indian mynah babies, these two only about ten days old. I have the five of them in a basket together, and when I checked just now they were lying in an overlapping huddle. Wings and beaks everywhere, so that one can't actually count how many birds there are in there. Must remember to take pics tomorrow, after a feed. And before as well, when the bird layer disappears behind huge, yellow mouths.

And Weevil the white-eye has decided that she is now a Big Bird, all 1.5 inches of her. She screams loudly for food but then refuses to be fed from the syringe, and dances around the cage instead. This afternoon I found an acceptable compromise. If I drip food mix onto the floor, she is prepared to pick up a few drops herself, but because she takes so little at a time she demands to be fed every twenty minutes. Oy veh... teenagers...

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