Saturday, November 10, 2007

slowing down

rehab boss phoned to see if I could bring something through to the centre today, and mentioned that the assistant manager had had no volunteers at all show up, after she'd been off sick all week already. So, after I'd washed the babies and then waited ages for them to dry off, I took 16 pigeons and 4 mynahs through to their new home, and then went in to see if I could be useful. I was, a bit. But I am soooo slow, compared to how I used to be when I was doing it more regularly. Last feeds require a rythmn, a level of organisation and movement that I just don't seem to have any more. By the time I got home, I had barely enough energy to get out of the car and feed the very indignant cats and dogs.

If this is what I'm like now, god only knows how useless I'd be if I ever get to 50...

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