Tuesday, November 20, 2007

repeat....it's only tuesday

thought I was semi-organised today. Then some silly woman screwed up the schedule by making me wait for twenty mins, before hunting for a bird (large) in her garden that "couldn't fly at all". Guess what lady...after you, me, your daughter, and finally - at my request - your two dogs cannot find a single feather of said bird anywhere in your entire, well-secured and very overgrown garden...it probably can. It probably just didn't feel like doing it earlier.

So after that little bit of futility, I was later than I wanted to be to collect the heron and take him through to bird-vet for a second opinion. As I thought, he was euth'd - dislocated elbow and wrist, nerve damage, necrosing carpals, skin and feathers trashed. But while I was there I managed to add 3 less-than-a-day-old weavers. They'd bombed out of the nest (which probably means parasites or ants in there) and straight into a swimming pool. House-owner saw them and leaped in fully-dressed to rescue them. Good lad. Thumbsuck? One out of the three will survive.

And because I hadn't gotten to bird-vet before consulting started, I had to wait for almost an hour. Which made me 15 minutes late for t-doc (SMS'd her while racing through to say I was late). So we overran by 30 mins, talking about my current complete lack of any faith in anything ever working to fix this crap. And, of course, the past few days office-design for shrinks, as per the posts and comments on Shrink Rap - Gerbil, tdocs here also have a course on the deep psychological meaning of where you put your chairs. The SA twist, of course, is that rule # 1 is that even a tdoc with a relatively placid middle-class practice should always sit closest to the door. Just in case.

So I still haven't gotten to the gym. Or shaved my legs....

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