Sunday, November 4, 2007

stolen trivia

from Lara over at Red Red Whine, last week. A whole bunch more things that you didn't really want to know about me.....

What makes you happy?
Not much at the moment…umm. Laughing gas at the dentist, sleeping with the cats, getting baby birds big enough to release

What are your favorite stores?

What’s the best cheesy song?
I Would Do Anything by Meatloaf

What’s the best apology song?
Sorry Love Daddy by Brian McFadden

What’s a truly beautiful love song that you’d never roll your eyes at if it was played at a wedding?
Everything I Do by Bryan Adams

What song are you embarrassed to like?
Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi. Only because everyone else seems to think it’s so naff

What are your favorite songs?
Mostly folk and soft rock. But pretty eclectic – my collection contains some of just about everything except jazz and gospel. And rap/hiphop, although I’m not too convinced that those actually count as music

What’s your favorite song to hear when you’re out on the town?
Been a long time, but HAS to be It’s Raining Men. Ok, maybe that one should also embarrass me

What song makes you cry?
One? Nah, more like at least three hundred

What’s your latest happy musical discovery?
Also thanks to LaraB, Josh Ritter. Have bought and downloaded a whole bunch of his songs, best one to date is Wings

What’s your worst habit?
I say rude things to other drivers. Mostly while I’m not looking at them, just in case they get pissed off and shoot me. And a whole lot of others that I am just not going to admit to

What’s annoying you right now?
Depression that has lasted way too long. Being fat. My boss at the paying job – actually, make that most of the management structure there.

Why did your past relationships not work?
My fault mostly, although I’ve ended all of them except one. I’m hard to live with, as well.

If you could have a romance with any fictional character, who would it be?
Alex Delaware in Jonathan Kellerman’s books

Which month of the year do you think best suits you?
Any of the ones that aren’t too hot because I hate being all sweaty. And any of the ones that aren’t too cold because I hate having to wear shoes. (My mother would want me to put my footwear or lack of it down under bad habits as well). So here, that normally leaves me March, April, May, September and sometimes October

Are you attracted to people whose personalities are very similar to your personality or very different?
Different mostly, it’s bad enough having to live with myself never mind anyone similar to me

You’ve won $100,000 but you have to give it all away. To which charity or institution would you donate it?
Easy – to the wildlife rehab centre I work for and the animal rescue group I’m also involved with

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?
My rehab boss, to see if she feels as amazing from the inside as she appears

If you had to pick one book to recommend, what would it be?
Can’t choose. Can’t even narrow it down to my favourite 100.

Who are you attracted to but you’re a little embarrassed to admit it?
Very embarrassed, not just a little. My dentist but I’m blaming it all on the nitrous oxide

If you could be on a reality show (from Survivor to Dancing With the Stars to Top Chef), which one would you be on and why?
Meerkat Manor so that I could show them more realistically, and stop people from wanting them as pets

What TV shows do you watch every week?

What are your five favorite meals?
Sushi/sashimi. Grilled chicken thighs in honey and mustard marinade. Deep-fried calamari. Artichokes with crème fraiche or hollandaise sauce. Smoked salmon trout with lemon and cream cheese.

What are your five favorite non-blog websites?
Cybershrink, Medscape, Google,, Wikipedia. Yes, I know I’m weird

What song will you always get up and dance to?
None, unless I’m seriously drunk. I’m a really bad dancer. At home alone… I’m Not In Love by Enrique Iglesias

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