Friday, November 2, 2007


long day, starting with baby feeds, including a few overnight visitors. One baby crow, who scared the pants off the mynahs when he cawed loudly - probably the only bird that does scare a mynah. Kind of like a bigger, stronger, louder version of themselves. And a baby hadeda ibis, who had to be wrestled down and force-fed. At 06h30, I'm not great on wrestling matches.

And then off to the dentist - 40 mins of gas while he did disgusting sounding things to a back tooth, and I just lay there making happy noises every now and again. Home for a nap, and then off to the vet with crow-baby, then to see tdoc. She figures that the gas is good for me, that I sounded more ok than I have for ages. I agree. Getting completely stoned legally definitely improves my mood. And - yay! - he has to wait before finishing the tooth, so I get more on Monday. Tdoc reckons I should ask pdoc to prescribe it for me, seeing as it does more than any of the other meds - if I had my hand on the controls though, I'd probably never actually get out of bed. Just lie there breathing deeply every now and again.....

Finished off by dropping crow, ibis and a dove off at the centre, taking another mousebird nestling for my baby-basket and then driving out to release a whole bunch of coots, tortoises, a hedehog and the dassie (rock hyrax) that I trapped last week. Ten days of good food hadn't improved his mood at all, and he made it very clear that he would still like to bite any portion of my anatomy that he could reach.

Seeing as I have to be up at the crack to go do another snake-catching course, guess bed is a good idea. I signed up for it mostly for a bit more catching practice, and hopefully some ID tips - maybe get comfortable enough with catching that I don't swear subvocally for the entire duration, and very vocally when I mess up!

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