Sunday, December 2, 2007

sunday reruns

of Saturday. Except I went and bought the Sunday paper, so I know for sure that I haven't stumbled into some time warp. Otherwise, early feeds....bath nap....bath about Nicky...feeds....drink too much vodka....stuff around with tortoise paperweight...drink more vodka...listen to 'last CDs' compilation volume #6 repeatedly....blah blah blah....

Think though, that I'll try for pdoc's sober December, from tomorrow. Excluding team lunch if it happens - which I doubt. Besides, here is nerdy Homer my boss sending out an invite for lunch from 13h00 - 19h00; it is virtually compulsory for me to attend and drink him under the table for no reason other than just because I can. Um. I hope I still can - I am way out of practice, and I honestly have no idea of whether he drinks at all, or what his capacity is.

Nicky is still listed as critical, and on a drip. Vet reckons though that he is more reactive than he was yesterday, so there's still hope. Don't even want to know what this bill is going to run to. Tomorrow morning, if he is stable enough, I will transfer him to my regular vet.

And the tortoise looks like something your average 6-year-old would produce in craft lessons. Bummer. If I can get some liquid perspex tomorrow I might resuscitate the project in a new form, otherwise it's history. Should have known that I am way too unartistic to even try something like that.

Bed now, I guess. 90mg Remeron, 800mg Neurontin, 10mg Ambien and 30mg Inderal aren't quite enough to make me sleep, or to keep me asleep until morning. But the vodka should help.

And somehow I will make myself go to gym this week.....

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