Monday, December 3, 2007

was monday named from a phrase meaning disorganised chaos....

..or is it only me that stumbles into the week cursing because I'm never ready for it? Then again, it's about the same for every other day too.

Good bit for the day was that Nicky ate a bit this morning, and I transferred him to my regular vet this afternoon. Hope this cat realises I have a mortgage on his fur for the next ten years, given the huge bill that I had to pay to liberate him from the ER practice. And there will still be more to come, before he gets to go home to the squatter camp.

Apart from that, I fetched two pigeons, a dead mousebird (no, not really...the vet kept the little body. But I did go all the way there before they discovered that it had died fairly soon before), a live but icy cold mousebird and a sparrow.

Didn't do any of the other things I should have.

Did get round to sending a reminder to a bunch of work people to ask if they had read my request to combine the two meetings scheduled with roughly the same subjects, same people, same repetition of what I've already said in at least 5 meetings. So the one dude sends back a very indignant reply and then tells me I wasn't even invited anyway. I say 'yes I was, you invited me yourself.' 'no I didn't'. 'yes you did, and I have your mail to prove it. Sent last week on Thurs morning' 'oh, well I don't want you there anyway'. Gee thanks. I don't actually want to be there much, either. But if he can't remember what invitations he issued 4 days ago, perhaps it shouldn't surprise me that he doesn't do any of the things that he should have been doing for the last 8 months. Dickhead. Other dude hasn't bothered to reply, so I just won't bother to go to his meeting in the morning. Covered my ass though by sending a mail to my boss saying that under the circumstances I wouldn't attend either meeting.

And was saved from the tortoise dilemma by a reminder from an online store to say that the books I ordered ages ago should be delivered in the next 24 hours. Had forgotten about them, and that included in the order are Samuel Shem's 'House of God' and 'Mount Misery', which I ordered to give to pdoc, seeing as he rates them the funniest books he's ever read, but doesn't have copies anymore. So the tortoise can go back to sitting on a shelf for another few months.

Guess bed would be a good idea. Before tomorrow ends up being as wasteful as today...

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