Wednesday, January 30, 2008

all work and no play....

is one of those really inane English proverbs. I mean, duh!! Of course all work makes you dull. Any doubt about that? In which case, I am becoming inordinately dull myself. Not that I've ever been that interesting, but even a few weeks of obsessive work is tarnishing any shine I might have had. I work, I sleep, I feed little birds and sleep in the bath. I see some or none of pdoc, tdoc and personal trainer dude. I work in between, and then solidly for the evening and half the night before sleeping some more.

Only consolation is that as a contractor, I bill by the hour or part thereof. I'm not even billing punitively, because at a minimum of 9 hours of real work a day and an mostly a whole lot more, I don't even have time to go do things that would piss me off. At least this pays for a whole lot of bird food.

Eight mynahs, 4 pigeons and a stray bulbul at the moment, plus about 22 pigeons in the aviary. Two of the pigeons are young nestlings, probably only about a week to ten days old. They came from the balcony of a flat that is about to be rented out by the agents after standing empty for a while. In the interim it looks as if a few hundred pigeons have been sleeping there - I was called by the agents to come remove the two babies that they'd seen. The agents are a married couple, doubling as one of those old-time comedy duos that bicker amiably about everything, with a line of solo humour in between. I was running late, and apologised to him. "Never mind sweetie" he tells me, "at my age, 82, if you haven't learned to wait for ten minutes yet, eternity is going to be a real problem...."!

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