Monday, January 7, 2008

parrot panic

given that I have now convinced myself that the mynahs are dying of a chlamydial infection, even with prophylactic antibiotics and sterilizing everything with pink goop, I guess the next step was logical. Just as little parrot's foot has come down to normal size and he is using it normally so that I am optimistic that his cast can come off when he sees the vet tomorrow......I am sure that his brother is sneezing and has psittacosis, which is the parrot version of chlamydia. The dentist-daddy owes me bigtime for this caretaking task - what I'd like is about two days of nitrous where nothing bothers me at all.

And I think I am probably in crap with work. All the stuff that was non-urgent for the past 6 months? So much so that I haven't really done anything about the next round of it, figuring that it would also be a waste of sweat and sleepless hours. Now I'm getting mails saying so where's the output, we need it asap. And instead of doing anything about it today, I played sudoku online for 6 hours, and have read blogs for another 6. At least the blog was interesting....

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