Saturday, January 5, 2008

what really exciting people do on a saturday night

1. Catalog the aches and pains from yesterday's training, where PT dude brought his slim and fit wife along because they were going somewhere afterwards. She was very sweet, and even laughed politely at some of my whining at PT. He also brought along the dreaded stepper and - for variety - a mat and large ball, which he used to great effect on a whole bunch of muscles that didn't hurt yet. Now they do.

2. Update the meds spreadsheet after pharmacy visit. Spreadsheet shows what I am supposed to take at what time, and is colour-coded for taken, have and have repeat owing at pharmacy. Only way I can keep track, especially when tapering up or down. Update meds list of what has been squirrelled away - on some of the two week issues, its easier/same cost for pharmacist to make it 15 days. The extra day, plus half the sedatives, get squirrelled straight away.

3. Update bird book (of cases at home) with additions, deaths and deliveries to the centre for the last two days. Have added - and lost already - two sick baby pigeons. A new mynah, but two had died. A goose with anaerobic poisoning. Three stray racing pigeons - normally the guys don't want them back if they have failed to finish, but I always try to track the owner anyway. Sometimes they are good breeding stock, even if they are lousy racers.

4. Finish off the last of the vodka, given that I am not strong-willed enough to either keep it or toss it out. Start the sober bit again on Monday, after New Year's wake.

5. And - shit shit shit - get a phone call from Andy-cat's mom to ask me to collect an abused dog in the morning, and to tell me that it seems that Nicky, the poison-eating cat, did it again and was found dead yesterday morning.

- so all round, not what I would call a fun or sociable night.....

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