Wednesday, January 9, 2008

shooting myself in the foot...or worse

so, in spite of being completely, pukingly tense about the whole work project, I once again did nothing about it except throw up a couple of times. And then, to add to the joy, the project manager called and invited himself to my house tomorrow morning to go through some plans. So what little constructive effort I managed was spent on shifting crap from one room to another, and tidying up my desk. Boss sent a reminder too, that we have a team 'info' session with senior management tomorrow afternoon. I've mailed him to try and weasel out of it - can't face a two hour bull session followed by a social get-together. Told him I could physically make it, but am taking strain and would rather not.

Just what I need, a visitor at 09h00 - when I need to leave by 09h50 to get to pdoc on time, and need to pack up parrots and all their belongings to go with me, plus pack the tortoise and the birds that can go to the centre so that semi-sane cat buddy can pick them up on her way in. Will try to get some of the others through to their homes on Friday, which should cut down on the feeds and the time those take. Maybe I'll kick my butt hard enough then to get started on the work stuff....

And PT didn't make it today, either. Yesterday he hit some debris from an accident and had to go get two tyres replaced, managed to leave his wallet there and spent the afternoon trying to get it back. Last night, while he and wife were asleep, their house was broken into and all the electronic kit including phones, computers and his R12000 scale was taken, as well as the standard consumer stuff. So his day was really crappy, and today was spent trying to sort out cops and insurance etc. Can't exactly moan at him for not coming to train. Especially seeing as it would actually be perfectly possible for me to go walk by myself. If I wasn't such a useless apathetic lump.

Now, in the interests of waking up early enough to get organised before the meeting, am taking meds - and hopefully to sleep....

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