Friday, January 11, 2008

waste of space once again

- all I did yesterday was see pdoc, and make an ass of myself by crying for the whole appt. Didn't even deliver parrots, so had to do that today. Dropped off three mynahs as well, and wasted the whole appt with tdoc by.....crying. If it frustrates me that I do it, can only imagine how annoying and boring it must be for them.

And still haven't started the project that needs to be just-about finished already, for the paying job. Am going to get my butt kicked on this one, badly.

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Aqua said...

I spend an exhorbinant amount of my pdoc sessions crying too. Who wouldn't cry with the symptoms we have and the seeming impossibility of finding something, anything that helps us. You are not an "ass" for crying. You are a soul on a quest for relief.