Thursday, April 3, 2008

all the action

so, for a day with not much planned apart from pdoc and duckbuddy for coffee, it kind of filled up quickly. Slow start, then DB finagled me into coffee before pdoc as well as after. Good thing, because although we managed a quick one after as well, it was shortened by three unplanned bird calls - three pigeon babies to start with. The lady had mentioned they were on a ledge...what she left out though was that the ledge was three floors up. I am so, so not fond of heights, particularly when they are combined with narrow things to crawl along. Followed by the 4th rescue of a baby mynah from the same damn balcony! In a year, roughly, the same set of parents have been careless enough to let 4 babies fall off the same roof. Which wouldn't be so bad, as they are very keen to keep caring for their mislaid offspring. Unfortunately though, they aren't willing to let anyone work in any of the offices along that side of the building and keep attacking the windows whenever anyone tries. Mikey was the first of them, and he is the smartest, funiest, cutest bird I have ever seen, so hopefully his siblings turn out just as gorgeous. And then a quick pickup of a bird who is currently reminding me with plaintive shrieks that they are nocturnal and can yell all night, and home to PT dude. He'd had a really bad morning, but between me and one of my cats who finds him almost as nice as I do, he was feeling a bit more cheerful whne he left. I, on the other hand, was still dripping sweat and wobbly-legged from a really good workout. I'd just sat down to enjoy the first post-training smoke, when I got an urgent call to collect a baby vervet monkey with a broken leg, and take him through to the monkey-lady. So...a full day of adventure!

Best bit of course - well apart from the dude bit - was seeing pdoc. Third appointment in a row that I got to walk in smiling, so he figures he should retire while the going is good. It was another cool appt, with about 5 mins on mood and meds, and the rest of it just talking shit and enjoying it. He is still the man I most enjoy mentally, especially when I am feeling good and can trade wicked remarks with him - although I know he is way more intelligent than me, I can come back quickly enough to make him laugh as well. Only bad bit though, is that if this mood lasts for a while longer (and I really, really want that), it will also mean not seeing him weekly either. If I compare though, seeing someone I enjoy for half an hour a week versus feeling great for every day contest, the mood wins hands down. Shit, I love this feeling!!

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Aqua said...

Happy to hear you are in that great headspace. We will get well enough, long enough, to sit down and have a Crantini together in the future (a Crantini is a cranberry martini, with a touch of fresh lemon juice...I also make a killer cranberry, blue caracao, vodka martini...and a grapefruit juice, blue caracao, vodka martini...and...the list goes on, but they almost all include vodka!