Monday, May 26, 2008

very tense day

my sister, who although also kind of obese, has always been one of the sexiest people I know, decided to have gastric bypass surgery last week. On sunday, after 5 days of recovering well, she started puking and then developed diarrhoea. Seems that there is some post-op complication causing it, and she's been having x-rays every hour or so all day and probably all night too. Prayers for her, please....

in spite of the extra worry, I managed to stick to last night's decision (umm, made after I finished the smokes in the house, roughly 15 for the day...blush) to stop doing the reduction bit and go cold turkey on the cigarettes. No smoking all day - except for 3 tiny tokes on a very tiny joint. Although I did stand outside in the street earlier breathing as deeply as I could because one of the neighbours must have lit their wood fire - it smelt wonderful. Am wondering whether burning food in the oven would also be so delicious to breathe.

sanity for the day was restored by a longish dude visit. Supposed to be constructive surfing, but ended up being a fair bit of bouncing all over the web and looking at all sors of stuff. It is just so comfortable to sit next to him with my head on his shoulder, talking shit and laughing, holding hands and relaxing. WTF...this is the woman who takes a book everywhere, even the toilet, and who can normally not sit still long enough to watch an entire movie...

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Aqua said...

I will keep your sister in my thoughts.