Tuesday, August 5, 2008

forgot to mention

that I finally gave in and bought myself a Wii console, with the intention of getting the Wii Fit too. If they were available, that is. After many calls and enquiries, I am now on the waiting list for one. Which I might get in the next month, but no guarantees. I cannot believe that something like this is completely sold out in every damn store in town!

Well, until I tried the Sports game. I am hooked, obsessed and cannot wait for my Fit to get here! This is more fun than any kind of exercise except sex. So now I'm being semi good and alternating the stepper and the Wii. And I have my first Wiinjury too. From baseball I think, after I was soooo determinded to win a game that I smacked every ball with all my might - won the game, but now have a lame left bicep. Not that that has stopped me...just playing tennis and bowling instead!

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Aqua said...

I want one of the Wii Fit's too...but alas they are sold out all over the place here as well. I've never been one for video games, but it looks like a fun way to at the very least stand up, and get off my butt.