Tuesday, October 21, 2008

red headed finch

this is the male, grownup version of the minute thing in my avatar. The female doesn't have the red head. They are the same size as pet caged finches - tiny! The sweet thing about them (apart from the very large attitude) is that the inside of their mouth has black spots on a white background, which must make it a lot easier for mom to work out where to shove the food into.

We quite often get a whole nestful in at the centre, so there will be 3 - 5 little heads and mouths. They make a very loud sort of rasping, continuous hum until they are fed, so the clinic rule is normally that whoever wakes them up (by accident or otherwise) has to feed them all until they shut up again!

Photo credit to www.birdinfo.co.za

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Aqua said...

They are beautiful. I like the rule. I should implement it in my house for my puppy!