Monday, October 13, 2008


makes me want to start rearranging the words to that old classic song 'summertime',
except for this it would be :
and the birdies are breeding
trees are high,
and the nests they are full
babies jumping
and flying and falling.....'

or something like that. Plus a verse about the cats are a-catching and the dogs are a-chewing. And it wouldn't even come close to describing the seasonal madness. I am gaining little pigeons faster than I can fling them out, especially seeing as the current lot in the aviary have no desire at all to leave. They can tell somehow when I go in intent on releasing the biggest and healthiest. The fastest ones make a beeline for cover, behind or under the kennel where I can't extract them without risking others being flattened. The rest fly in circles. Over the weekend I thought I'd done well, by turfing about 10 out. Until I realised that as I grabbed a flying one and expelled him, the previous evictee was running back in down at ground level where I wasn't watching, and joining the kennel-campers.

I suspect I actually increased the aviary residents by about 3 or 4 who took the gap and came in too.....

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Aqua said...

You sound like you are feeling a bit better, albeit insanely busy with the birdies. How are you feeling? I hope well.