Sunday, November 30, 2008

so good

the dude has been battling financially, and I've been trying to help out. Part of that really burns, because it just facilitates his parasite (sorry...wife) sitting at home and doing nothing. At the same time though, I care about him. And even if she would rather he go get killed in a foreign warzone than get herself a job, I can't do the same - he is too special to me. So it's been getting to the end of the year, his project (which I truly believe is going to succeed beyond all expectations) is only likely to launch in a few months time, and the dude has been getting desperate. He can't get finance because he is a freelancer, and thanks to the cow mostly, has a fairly bad credit record. I thought hard about it, and eventually applied for a personal loan from my bank for myself. Not a huge amount, but enough to make a significant difference to him.

We met for coffee and shopping earlier, and I asked where the nearest branch of my bank was so that we could go there first. As we were heading that way, I said that I had lots of news, and did he want the bad, the good or the really good first. He kind of tensed a bit, because there has just been too much bad news lately, and said that he'd start with the really good. Told him that the loan was through already, and the reason for going to my bank was to transfer the money to his account. The way his face relaxed, and then the huge grin and the relief.... wonderful.

It reminded me again that very often the help that we can offer to others can be just enough to really make a difference to them. There are all sorts of stories that go around about things like that, not least of which is the 'pay it forward' story.
And often, what is needed is something fairly small, but it can be just what was needed most.

The bird half of life continues to expand rapidly. I did well today - took 4 birds to the centre and only gained another four at home. Net growth - zero! Well, negative, if I count the one pigeon that didn't make it. The little pink thing from 3 weeks ago is turning into a gorgeous hunk of barbet, and the mynahs (although covered in food from the head-shaking habit) are all being strong and clever and funny. oh, and noisy....

And I saw tdoc for the first time in weeks - haven't wanted to share the flu with her while she is pregnant. It was good to see her though, especially seeing as I'm still not crying except when I try end it with the dude. Tomorrow I see pdoc, which will be the first visit in 7 weeks. Mostly, because I need to see him before he closes for the year, and I want to ask him about dropping meds a bit so that I'm less lethargic all morning. And I guess I'll hand over the meds collection too. That should make him happy - and it makes me happy that I feel secure enough to do it. Of course, if there's a dude-fight, all that changes and I plummet again, but that is a recognisable and acceptable trigger. Besides....I still have alternative methods anyway! Not that I am planning on using them for a while....

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