Sunday, November 30, 2008

full house

so apart from the four cats, three dogs, numerous pigeons and mynahs, the weekend guests have included the teeny barbet (cos I don't want to give him to the centre yet), a baby sparrow who was supposed to be a mynah (only in their dreams!), a peacock in transit to a new home and a rooster. He was spotted standing at the side of a main road by a friend of mine who called me and guarded him till I got there. When I picked him up, I found that part of why he was just standing there was that his wings were tied together at the shoulders with a plastic bag - obviously someone's idea of a handy carry-pack. Also he was starved and dehydrated, but once he was untied and fed, he perked up a bit. Thankfully he was also rehomed quickly, as the hadedas are more than enough of a sunrise serenade for the neighbourhood!

And I've had regular dude-contact, not as much as I'd like, but enough to keep me sane. He is still as sweet and funny and interesting as always. I'm not looking forward to December though - there are all sorts of reasons that are going to limit my time with him - like holidays, and his sister visiting, and me having to work at the rehab centre to fill in shifts while people are away. The worst, of course, is going to be the whole Christmas and New Year period. Don't know how I'm going to get through those pretty much on my own - family will all be travelling overseas, and he'll be stuck at home for most of it. Not going to be fun....

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