Saturday, December 27, 2008

so sad

- I've been seeing lots of articles online about the guy in California who dressed up as Santa and went and killed a large chunk of his ex-family-in-law. It's tragic, no doubt about that, but the one thread that is starting to come out is that what broke him wasn't the divorce. Or losing his job. Or having to pay his ex $10000 in settlement even though he was jobless and his own sideline business was losing money. What seems to have been the last straw for this man was that his ex-wife took the dog he adored with all his heart. To me that is just pure vindictiveness, and while it doesn't in any way excuse what he did, I can't help feeling sorry for him as well.

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Aqua said...

I too feel it is an awful tragedy, but have compassion for the man as well. Nobody does something like this without having lost touch of his heart for one reason or another. The breakup of ones family is sad enough, but I do not understand how people, who once loved each other can be so heartless towards one another in divorce. Sad for him and the family he killed.