Saturday, March 21, 2009

hard-working week and then a bloody owl bit me too!

- so a while ago I volunteered to do the membership admin for the rehab centre. We ask people who bring in birds if they'd like to become members for a small amount, and in return we send them magazines erratically, and will soon send smaller online articles and pics. The actual adding of new members, sending renewals and deleting ex-members isn't a huge task, but of course, once I looked at it, I started picking up all sorts of people who should be honourary members because of support they give us, plus people who donate but don't always sign up etc. So for the past week, the finance lady and I have been sending lists back and forth, of queries and addresses and more queries etc....could take a lot of work before it gets to be a list that I am happy with :-)

- and today I did another shift as senior volunteer. Our assistant manager resigned last month (think we just plain wore her out...), so a few of us have been standing in as weekend shift leaders. Today turned out to be a full house in the clinic, with a regular supply of new admissions, all of whom needed time-consuming treatment to test for possible illness, treat wounds, strap or splint limbs. Thank God for little old ladies - one of my favourite volunteers, a lady in her 70s, did the shift with me. She made it a pleasure, by doing half the clinic in a calm, relaxed and (above all) competent way, and it ended up being a really nice afternoon.

- it's also been a nice dude-filled week, because for various reasons he has had some extra free time. Most of it has been spent with me, including catching a snake (at which he is waaay more skilled than me!), working quite hard here while I do the rehab stuff and cuddle him every few minutes, and some more awesome sexy bits. And once again, I'm reminded that there is no such thing as bad time with him - the good bits are mindblowing, but the rest of it is always nice as well. I guess from the end of the month things will change a bit, as he is starting a new job. It's the kind of job where not too many questions can be asked about where he goes and what he did there, which means I will probably worry myself sick most of the time, but it will also bring him in a living salary for a change. And maybe not stressing about finances all the time will relax him a bit, and also take quite a burden off me. Am keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out....

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