Sunday, July 15, 2007

uh oh.....

- could be in trouble tomorrow! Have just sent my boss (and his boss) at the IT job as well as about 10 other people a mail titled 'update - regression this week', where I said that there had been no progress at all, and highlighted the teams who are preventing it. So a)my popularity with them will be sub-zero (it is with the one lot anyway), b)my boss will be in shit as well when he gets back from his training on Weds, c)if the client sees or hears of what I've said (which is all true), he will hit the roof because there are huge cost implications if the upgrades don't happen soon, and d)know what? I couldn't really care. Either it gets some action or I get fired. If I get fired, it's yet another reason for killing myself.

Paddles is turning into a puppy-monster of note. I'm not sure who is the naughtiest, him or CJ, but they are almost always together, and almost always either wrestling or doing something that they shouldn't be. It's quite amazing to see the change in his personality over the past 10 days, as he realises that he won't be beaten or starved or chained up, no matter what he does. At worst, I am now saying NO firmly, and he is accepting that - well, it works for about 5 minutes, before he tries again!
Zac just looks at them, and gives me the 'children...' kind of tolerant expression.
And goes off to wait for a cat to appear under the bedroom door....

By the way, Kong's don't float. And the automatic pool cleaner doesn't like having them stuck in it's throat. CJ just can't resist throwing everything he plays with in the pool though. They can all swim, and can all find the steps, but am starting to think a cover to protect the cleaner might be needed - CJ would probably eat that as well!

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