Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yet again... planned day in the garden didn't happen, and when I finally got to spend an hour there, it was ruined by next door's f*********@&&&&&@&#&@*(*@(@(king dog, that yaps non-stop whenever I so much as MOVE in the garden. Never mind being able to dig and plant, or heaven forbid, play with my own dogs in peace. And relations between neighbour and I are tenuous enough already after he climbed over my wall, damaged my electric fence, and cut all the branches of my pepper tree that go even remotely over the wall, which means that they have a great view straight into my house because of the slope of the land. Well, stuff him, in summer - I walk around mostly nude, swim nude, and believe me, it's a really revolting sight. Hope it puts them off from ever using their lounge for 8 months of the coming year!

Reason for non-gardening was taking Paddles through to CLAW, and then to their vet, as he is coughing a bit and just generally acting unhappy today. And he puked a mouthful last night. After the Twig, I panic easily if he so much as looks a bit sad. Seems as if he has a mild kennel cough type virus, so is on antibiotics for a week. ClAW gave me vaccs for the other two as well - very generous of them - so I did them when I got home. Injecting CJ sub-cut is like injecting a brick of frozen butter - there is no loose skin, it's all attached to his blubber! And then realised I'd forgotten chemist, and am out of Remeron, so had to get dressed and go out again.

It's cold, my dog is sick, all 4 cats are still sneezing (sample - Sam - saw vet on Monday, says also virus, but v. mild), only heater in house burned its cord and the plug yesterday and I forgot to fix today, I'm still miserable as all hell, still tense and irritable as well, tired - sleep like shit at night, but can't wake up in morning even after 10 hours, haven't had time all week for an afternoon nap to compensate - have been fighting with people that have to be fought with, otherwise they don't do their effing jobs, but am tired of having to keep doing it. Tired of everything.

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