Thursday, August 23, 2007

around town. and again. and again.

- the circuitous path being a result of heading from one side of town to the other to fetch pigeons, heading back again for another one, etc.... Current brood consists of baby doveling, 5 baby pigeons, 1 adult dove with a broken wing, 1 fledgling dove and a fledgling Rock pigeon. Will try to take all but the babies to the centre tomorrow - after I've picked up another one in the morning....

So apart from seeing t-doc, didn't do much else. Went to the centre to collect a pigeon, and as I arrived, talking to a vet on the cellphone, one of the senior volunteers came running. She stood by the car looking as if she was jumping from one foot to the other mentally. When I eventually got off the phone, she tells me that bosslady is out at a vet with an injured buck, and there are meerkats escaped - that got me hopping too. Towel and net, no shoes available so flip-flops it is, and off we go. I caught two of the four, and then got them back into the cage where the rest were by now really aggro. And then, chicken that I am, I looked at the tunnel that needed to be blocked from within the cage, looked at my vulnerable toes - and sent a newer, braver volunteer who'd already been bitten twice by the one she was bunging back. Working on the theory that she already needed an anti-tetanus shot anyway. Nothing like a bit of nasty little mammal-chasing to get the adrenalin pumping for the day.

DB sent an sms yesterday, saying she wanted to return 2 CDs that I'd lent her, and that she'd made something that she wanted to give me. Refrained from sending the 1st two replies that came to mind, namely to toss the CDs (they are compilations that I burnt to use in the car), and to ask whether whatever she had made contained arsenic or not. Ended up not replying. She sent another this morning while I was with t-doc asking whether I'd received her msg yesterday and saying she really wanted to give me whatever she has made whenever I see p-doc. Resisted the immediate thought to tell her to bin that too, and ended up not saying anything. No point in being nasty. Won't help anything. Won't make the things she said on Sunday go away - guess it won't take away the things I retaliated with either - and it won't change anything. I know that eventually I will think of her, think about the nicer side of things. At the moment though, when my phone beeps to signal a message, I flinch, and look at it reluctantly. Kind of waiting for the next shot to be fired. And as evidenced 3 days out of 4 since Sunday, I am still dumb enough to read them anyway.

Yawning lots, and have an early morning bird pickup, so to bed I guess.

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