Tuesday, August 21, 2007

trying to think of good things for the day...

...to stop me thinking about DB, the fact that I have gotten through a somewhat large amount of vodka, that rehab boss was very cross with me, DB....So :

1. Saw t-doc today, who reckons even allowing for her being partisan in her opinion, she still thinks that DB was unnecessarily vicious without provocation. Even though I got vicious too, after that. And also found the whole 'none of this is true' bit really weird.
2. Rehab boss has now said that feral pigeons will all be seen in the clinic first, tested for trich, and breaks and things will be assessed by her before I get called for them. And euthanased if she makes that call. Which is good, because it means that it will all be open and aboveboard. And she's happy that they be headed off before they get to the clinic, but if they come onto the property - as yesterday's pair did - they will also come into the clinic. Seeing as she can tell when I'm hiding something even if I don't feel at all guilty (and I don't feel the least guilty about saving pigeons, even if the world has enough), I much prefer it this way.
3. I signed off my timesheet at 272 hours for last month. And until various other people do things, I have just about no work. Which means I will probably do just about zero this week. Think I need a break anyway.
4. P-doc's receptionist phoned, and I have appt for Friday, before he goes away.
5. All my babies are alive, and little dove almost has eyes! Well, working ones at least, I know they have been there all along, just not accessible to the outside world.
6. Linked to a blog by a Canadian lady, Aqua, who apart from sounding uncannily the way I feel often, also has about the same list of bad habits, and writes really well.
7. Got to laugh at something - GG's latest post over at Red, Red Whine. Read it!
8. I have drunk an awesome amount of vodka. I know it's not a good idea, and I'm going to have to justify it to p-doc who will be totally unamused, but for the moment it works. I am blurred, I don't hurt, I haven't given in to the temptation to use the blades, and I'm going to take meds and sleep. Probably snore like an irate volcano too, but the cats don't normally complain - a warm body to lie all over seems to count more to them than silence in bed.
9. Oh, and I finally finished James Frey's 'a million little pieces' in spite of having been totally annoyed with him from about page 10. And that was before I found out that he'd lied about most of it anyway. Somehow I don't think I'll bother with the second one though.

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