Monday, November 26, 2007

monday bloody monday

late for everything the entire day, only because I am so completely disorganised. I mean shit, by now I KNOW that it takes me at least 30 mins to feed the birds before I go out. So I stuff around on the net and allow 15 mins, and then race around getting all hot and sweaty and being late. Asswipe.

Took the mealworm-vultures AKA the fiscal flycatchers back to their home today. Just in mealworm culture might recover eventually. And three sparrows including cuddle-bunny, the thrush and the sick mynah through to the centre. But traded them for a mousebird friend for Shrekky - and then stole another two as well. Pic is of Shrek biting his sparrow-friend's bum. Really. A micro-second later the sparrow squawked and leaped forward, but they went to sleep cuddled up together anyway. Home via two vets, dropping off a broken legged barbet for surgery, and a bullfrog with a shattered jaw at the reptile specialist. Here long enough to feed everyone, and then up to the local vet to fetch a teeny pinky. Back home to feed everyone again, and get another mousie in. And there are three birds waiting for collection tomorrow.

And I decided to go with the replacement-Suzy. I know it's lying, but mynah mommy is distraught about the bird, and I just can't tell her it died. The ringer is the same age - might actually be Suzy's sibling - and would need a good home anyway. I don't view the birds as interchangeable objects, but in this case...

After duck buddy's message yesterday, I ended up texting tdoc in panic. She gave sensible answer saying that I need to set limits so that I don't get hurt again. Haha. Just getting the message made it all hurt. Reading it was worse. Having to decide what to do - even if it was nothing - was a tailspin. My fake personality is funny and outgoing enough that people are mostly friendly to me, but there are very few that I really trust enough to not pretend with. And DB was right up at the top of that list. Eventually I took tdoc's advice, sent an arb message saying sorry that she wasn't well and hope she gets better soon. And then got very, very drunk and cried a lot.

Wow. I am such a mature grown-up person. Not.

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