Thursday, December 13, 2007

might not have been the most intelligent thing...

... to unilaterally decide to increase the Eldepryl the same morning as Personal Trainer came to try and kill me. Apart from hitting a max heart rate over 200 at one stage, it didn't do any harm. Besides, would have gone up on Sat anyway - and I don't have months to wait while pdoc builds it up slowly. Extra-slowly while he is away.

PT took me for a very brisk walk, with huge amounts of it being anything between gentle upward slope and almost vertical. He chatted the whole way, and didn't even glow. I was drenched, contributed only very short sentences and developed a blister from wearing shoes and socks for the first time in ages. Apparently I now need to buy new, expensive trainers and (probably) equally expensive socks. He told me to cool down in the bath, so my muscles could disintegrate slowly and not form lactic acid crystals - never being one to turn down a bath order, I slept there for an hour, and finally started feeling almost human around 19h00.

And - why oh why did I agree - he is back tomorrow at 09h00 for another session. I know I'm not exactly a shining example of mental well-being; now I know I am completely batshit as well.

The theory is that exercise is supposed to make me less miserable. Not so sure about that....

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Aqua said...

You are an remarkable example for all of us. Super depressed and managing to push yourself to get a PT and do the work required. I'm feeling sheepish for not being able to do the same and I feel good right now. You have inspired me. I'm going to call my PT tomorrow.
P.S. Today I got a referral to a dermatoligist from my family doctor. She agreed I need a biopsy.
Good luck with the exercise,