Friday, December 14, 2007

sore, sober, and s....

...guess it takes longer than two days to be filled with the joys of exercise and not drinking.

Actually, most of why I drink is because it makes me like myself more. But having realised that it had become an every day habit, I now have to prove that I can leave it for a while. And the start of the great whale fitness program seemed like a good time to cut out the vodka calories as well. I distract myself by thinking about pdoc's face when he gets the answers the other way round for a change: alcohol no, exercise yes.

So PT came for the second walkies today. I have a huge blister on my one heel from wearing shoes, so ended up walking in flip flops. We still set a reasonable pace even though I insisted on stopping every few hundred metres to try and stretch the aches out of legs and lower back. I limited the stops to quick pauses though. PT demonstrated another aspect - he wants me to meet him to go buy shoes and socks. So, Personal Shopper as well.

Afternoon was a shift at the rehab centre, although I mainly just limped around being useless. And got my arm pretzeled into doing a shift again tomorrow. They are really desperate for volunteers, even useless ones....

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