Wednesday, March 26, 2008

balancing act

so the past two weeks have been the best since 2004. Which is a long, long time. Coincidentally, the past seven weeks (and yep, I am counting!) have been the first time since ex-BF was murdered in 2004 that I have had any kind of a sex-life. The depression dug in before that, which was probably the only reason I have remained celibate for so long.

And while the intellectual bit of me is watching this all with a bemused grin, every other bit is wriggling around like an overjoyed puppy. It has been so damn long since I felt this good, and really, whatever is the cause, if it can just stick around for a while...please?

I figure it's kind of a combination result. The dude and the Tofranil together. Neither meds nor loving someone have been enough on their own in the past three years, but at the moment, the mix is working. And it is just so f-ing awesome....

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Aqua said...

Hi Jcat,
I'm right there with you. This feeling is awsome. I am sorry to hear about your ex-bfriend being murdered. I can't imagine how difficult that has been.

I hope your good feeling sticks to you like superglue!