Monday, May 19, 2008

confusion multiplies, and exhaustion is added as a bonus

The exhaustion comes from the tearful weekend added to the re-implementation of the big work upgrade last night, starting at 23h00. Finished, we thought, by 02h00, with a fairly smooth run. Ha, more fools us, because the calls started about half an hour later, and haven't stopped since. The whole applications concept of not testing until it went live, because of a lack of resources is now biting our bums hard. Especially mine. I've basically done nothing all day except fix other people's problems - we tried a brief training session this morning, but gave up after about the 20th call. I think the vision of me trying to do sit-ups and leg raises with a cell phone at my ear, attempting not to pant too loudly while I answered questions was enough to make PT dude shorten the session considerably.

Oh, and probably doesn't need confirming, but between tears and trauma and working all night and day under pressure....the non-smoking is not doing that well. Am still managing to smoke less, but not quite the six that I was meant to limit myself to. Tomorrow...will renew the attempt tomorrow. Good thing is that when I came into the house on saturday, I could smell it, for the first time ever, and actually, it was quite gross. So that gives me hope at least that i will continue this.

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