Friday, October 24, 2008

yawning already

and it's only just gone 8pm. Had a lovely, lazy, dude-filled day. I fed babies when I woke up, then napped in the bath for ages, and had only just emerged when the dude arrived. He is doing lots of work on his new project, but I really didn't feel like doing any studying myself, so just sat close to him, reading and talking and cuddling. In between feeding birdies of course, of which an enormous number seem to be in residence. Actually, I am developing a sneaky suspicion that the neighbourhood pigeons are dropping their less-gifted offspring off here as well. I came home yesterday to find a large juvenile standing in the road, and when I went out to check on him, he just stood there looking beguilingly up at me. Oh more doesn't make much difference!

- some pics for you, of a nest of young genets that have been raised at the centre. All five were being offered for sale at the roadside, obviously pillaged from the nest, and only about 10 days old. They are all now healthy and wilding up a bit in an enclosure, although still very fond of milkies for dinner.

pics by A-M. C.

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Aqua said...

Oh my god...they are amzingly beautiful. Are they in the cat family? Lemurs? Canine? They look like a combination of all three. ...and I thought I had my hands full with Skookum. You really are an incredible person, partly for help you provide all these animals and birdies, but also...just because you are you!