Sunday, November 16, 2008

how cool...and how sad... it that last weekend was my first local rehabber contact via the blog (and 2/3 of her babes are doing well!!), and then on Weds, came the second one! Also a baby hadeda, a really weeny one, and from a completely different part of the country than both me and sunbird-mommy. What was nice for this babe was that a)mommy sounds like a nice lady that I'd also like to keep contact with, and b)fortuitously, she lives not far from the loosely affiliated rehab centre that was envisioned by one of my centre's senior members. Tragically, Adel was killed in a single-vehicle accident on the final trip she made from JHB to move the last of her stuff down to the new centre. To this day, no-one knows whether she swerved to avoid something, or had a blowout, or lost control on the gravel road. I guess, if one is going to die early, having it happen when you have sorted out all the loose ends, packed your bags and said goodbyes, and are on your way to a new life, it maybe makes it a cleaner departure. What was heart-breaking though, is that a lot of the impetus for the move came from being involved with a wonderful man, and having a vision for a new rehab centre in an area that wasn't served by any others. She had found a way to make both dreams a reality, and she deserved some time to revel in that.

I believe that there is some life after this one, and if she is into remembering people from here, I guess that maybe she would like knowing that 3 years on there are still a lot of people thinking fondly of her. Hey Adel, keep your thumbs away from territorial meerkats :-)

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Aqua said...

Hi Jcat,
I am so sorry to hear about Adel. When your time comes it sure seems to come in a difficult way sometimes.
Thinking of you.
P.S. Re: your comment on an earlier post of mine...I love you too and really hope we get to meet face to face one day.